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China has very strict rules for claiming copyrights. A foreign automaker should register the design of a new payday loans car separately in China, even when it is already registered in the country of origin, in this case the U. There are still automakers, even now, who forget that. The foreign automaker can still sue, but it is in a much weaker position.

JLR did only register the design of the Evoque when they were going to make it locally, in a joint venture with Chery, but not when it came out back in 2011. Assuming the court will agree with JLR that they own the copyrights, JLR then has to prove these rights were infringed. Looking at the photos and dimensions that cash loans be easy. And of course, Jiangling made sure to add just enough differences in their design for cash loans a line of defense to work.

And they cash loans be right about that. And then there are the political dimensions. In a high profile case like this, which will be held in a court in the capital Beijing, the Chinese government will always have a say. It is not easy to predict what that say will be. They might want payday loans to protect Jiangling, or they might want to set an example that local automakers got to stop cloning.

The government is well aware of the bad image of China that these automakers create, and they are very sensitive about that. But even if the government wants to set an example, and that is a very big if, an outright win for JLR seems unlikely.

The biggest problem however seems to be time. JLR is rather late with their lawsuit. The Landwind X7 was launched on the Chinese market in August 2015, it had its public debut in November 2014, the first clear spy shots popped up in June 2014, and the first patent images appeared in April 2014.

All this time JLR did nothing. Landwind is a Chinese car maker jointly owned by Jiangling Motors and Changan Auto, coincidentally (or not. The Evoque is powered by a Ford-sourced 2. The interior is inspired by the Evoque too, but there are less similarities than on the outside. The most obvious are the design on the instrument binnacle, the position of the start-stop button, the top part of the center stack, and the air vents in the center stack. Most notable difference is the touch screen, which is actually much larger in the Landwind than in the Evoque.

It is even more obvious when you meet one on the streets, at first and second glance it is an Evoque, only when you look at it carefully you will realize it is in fact a Landwind.

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